I'm having a somewhat cliché New Year's Day.  It began with a headache, due to copious amounts of martinis & champs- obvs, and amplified this morning by my nephews' discovery of the noise makers I "forgot" to dole out last night.  Followed by a solid effort to 'get organized once and for all!' . . . that lasted about 35 minutes.  Then I took a tub in perhaps the greatest acquisition of 2015 and all was right with the world . . .

Isn't she lovely?
I do some of my best thinking in her. 
It was here I decided I needed to do my first blog post of the year today, even though I can barely form a complete thought or sentence.  So bear with me.

So now I'm curled up in front of the fire with my pups and my laptop and the Tracy Chapman Pandora station. #vaginamusicforpresident  And I'm not taking one second of it for granted, not even the residual hangover.

Two BIG things come to mind when I think of 2016.  
If all goes as planned, this is the year my sister will get a new heart and this is also the year I turn 40.  They shouldn't even really be written in the same sentence as one pales in comparison to the other.  
My sister is currently classified as 1A on the heart transplant list and is living in the hospital away from the comforts of home and family while waiting for her match.  To witness her strength, humor, and grace throughout the grueling process leaves me in absolute awe.
I can barely handle a stubbed toe.  Literally.  But because of this I realize more than ever how blessed I am to be turning 40, I am exponentially blessed to have healthy children, and I am beyond blessed to have such incredible role models in Genine and our mom.  I cannot fathom their fortitude.
We had the pleasure of visiting Genine in the hospital a few days ago.  She was smiling her radiant smile ear to ear while patiently awaiting her biggest challenge yet. She's a favorite to all of her medical professionals {no surprise there}.  And although her condition is one she's struggled with since birth, the importance to do what we can to protect and cherish our health daily is loud and clear. 

Shameless segue into Beautycounter plug. {sorry not sorry}
Back in March, I fell in love with a brand.  Admittedly, this began as a bit shallow.  I was smitten with a brand that was chic and luxurious and gorgeous to look at it and even better to use.  A brand without a trace of cheesiness or bullshit {two things I can't stand} A brand Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Minnie Mortimer,  Connie Britton, Jennifer Meyer and so many other cool ladies who's style and opinions resonate with me, also praise.  A brand with a CEO that stood up in her half-tucked J. Crew flannel at a recent event and announced that Beautycounter made her a better person and meant it.  And I'm still very much in love with that brand -- but my "why" story has evolved.  It's become more about the mission, the passionate commitment to get safe products into the hands of everyone.  
Am I curing cancer?  No.  Am I helping friends and family make better choices by eliminating harmful toxins in their personal care products?  Yes. 
In a world full of unknowns, am I taking control of something I can and educating others to do the same? Yup. 
Do I take a few minutes every day to care for my skin and use this time as a ritual and opportunity to reflect? You know it. {ahem, Christy Coleman's best suggestion yet}
Am I changing the world in a small way that I know how?  You betcha.  


A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on this endeavor, either as mentors, clients or those who took a leap of faith and became business partners, or my peeps just cheering me on from the sidelines.   It is not lost on me.  I am so grateful.  It's been a privilege to take part in meaningful work with wonderful people, and the daily slathering of phenomenal and efficacious products is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Speaking of cliché, I'm seeing lots of inspirational quotes and messages displayed across social media today and as much as I would have been tempted to roll my eyes a year ago at this type of thing -  I actually love that everyone is amped up for 2016. 
I personally cannot wait to continue to grow as a mom, wife, sister, friend and #bosslady.    

One in particular, struck my fancy.

Thanks, Gwynnie.  Let's all just be good people this year.  Let's lift each other up.  Let's make better choices without compromising the joy of living.

What will you do in 2016?

Join me in celebrating life, health, and goodness.
After all, it's about progress, not perfection.  
Happy happy new year to all of you, especially my sissy.


I'm a sucker for "themed" gifts and I love the idea of pairing or grouping a few lovely things together.  It provides an extra element of thoughtfulness {which is all we really want, by the way}.  Here are a few pairings for the special ladies in your life.  Moms, grandmoms, daughters, sisters, friends . . . ahem, wives. 

1. Pink Veuve makes me smile and these gorgeous champagne coupes elevate the gift to one she'll remember long after the bubbly is gone.

2. Every gal needs a good jewelry roll for home or especially when she takes her baubles on the road.  Hide a pair of pretty earrings in it for an added surprise.  

3. Never enough cozy slippers around {especially if you have a George who takes revenge upon innocent slippers #sohandsomesonaughty} and I've been eyeing this Marigot robe for years.  So soft and the cutest prints.  And on sale, finally.

4. Love gifting beautiful candles and fun matches.  Candles are a wonderful gifts because they are consumables and something people aren't likely to splurge on for themselves.

5. Nothing quite beats curling up with a cozy blankie and a good book.  
These soft & beautiful herringbone throws come in pretty much every color.  Add book of your choice {my go-to gift book this year is Humans of new York Stories because it is freaking amazing}
{last day to order these in time for Christmas is today, 12/11!}

6. I am so smitten with these hand-made Jill Rosenwald vases.  They are little works of art.  
Add a subscription to the Bouqs so she has gorgeous blooms delivered every month to put her new fabulous vase to good use.  I'm kind of obsessed with what a good idea this is, if I do say so myself.  the Bouqs delivers gorgeous farm fresh blooms from eco-freindly farms.  
Fresh Flowers, starting at 40, The Bouqs

If none of these ideas strike your fancy . . .
other pairs I also wouldn't mind stumbling upon Christmas morning . . .
and/or . . .

yes, please. thank you.

Shop the Post:


1. Is your dude obsessed with Sriracha?
Sriracha2go Key Chain, 6.99, Etsy
2. Dollar Shave Club delivers the best razors right to your mailbox, every month.  The gift that keeps on giving.
Starting at, you guessed it, 1 dollar, Dollar Shave Club
3. Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix not cutting it during airplane travel?  This amazing Carry-On Cocktail Kit should do the trick {comes in 3 varieties}.  24, Nordstrom
CBC not a huge "monogram guy" but I did these a few years ago with a P on one and C on the other and that seemed to go over pretty well.
6. I'm going to be honest, I'm not entirely clear on what this does but it's the #1 selling item on Amazon and seems like something dudes would love.
Fire TV Stick, 39.99, Amazon 
7. I gifted this Patagonia Beanie to CBC a couple of years ago.  And I will be requesting that he wear it to bed from now on after seeing this insta last night of my berfriend.
if you want your dude to be hot and hilarious like the oliver hudson, you'll buy him one, too. #sorryhorseface #sorrynotsorry 
{this is pretty much the coolest toothpaste on the market}
13. Gifting candles is pretty self-serving but sometimes I don't mind if mantown smells like something other than beer and fishing gear . . .and beer.
Jonathan Adler Bourbon Candle, 42, Nordstrom
14. And because we can never find one when we are looking for it. 
 Wooden Tape Measure, Special 19 from 29, Mark and Graham
Nice little reminder this time of year . . . 

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It is very hard for me to restrain myself when it comes to buying girly giftys.  Santa only brings 3 things per kiddo to this house, so that helps keep us in check.  Of course, mom and dad can add a bit under the tree, but we attempt to not be excessive.
1. I've been swooning over the Penguins classic book collection for a few years, as I know they would look beautiful in c & p's room, but now that they can read, I truly think this is a gift we can all be excited about this year.  Haven't decided whether I'm going to swing for the motherload {170 for set of 10, domino} or this set of 6 for 105, Barney's New York
4. My girls are obsessed with Shopkins.  They both got the ice cream truck {18.99, Target} for their recent birthday and they love it! {thanks, Nancy-pants!}
13. Yep, my girls are still digging on Boo, and I must admit, I'm quite smitten with his dance moves, as well. Dancing Boo, 56, Nordstrom
14. Flower Basket Artfolio, 20, Barney's New York

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2. Personalized Ornament, 22, Moon & Lola {one of Oprah's Favorite things!}
6. Pardon My Frenchie Wall Canvas, 169-945, Oliver Gal {30% off CODE:CYBERWK}
10. Cookie Jar, 20, Target

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Hopefully, everyone has a party gal {or a few dozen} to celebrate {with} this holiday season. 
So many options for the fun & fabulous ladies in our lives!

2. Get the holiday party started with these Merry, Merrier, Merriest Shotglasses, 18, Waiting on Martha
8. Party gals can never find their keys and need big fabulous key chains,
like this one! 32, Design Darling
15. the Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle is my go-to candle gift.  The scent is subtly amazing and the rose gold container is stunning. 42, Saks Fifth Avenue
Pair it with . . .
17. Color Me Girl Crush just makes me smile.  15, Shopbop
20.  Even party gals need to sleep sometimes.  IN LOVE with these 

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When it comes to kids clothes, few companies nail it like CREWCUTS.  And their 2015 outerwear might just be the best yet.  It feels like winter here today and we are stocking up!