Forgive the longest hiatus in Valentine history . . . I just couldn't bring myself to follow up on my sister's story : a post about home design, chic soirees, french bulldog puppies, in vogue vacation spots or the like hasn't seemed appropriate, and it hasn't for some time.

Shortly after I posted on New Year's Day, Genine did in fact receive a heart transplant.


She remains in the hospital to this day, 9 weeks later, fighting for her beautiful life.
It's been a roller coaster.  I live in complete awe of her, and our mother, who has barely left her side {and my brother in law and nephew - also beyond amazing}

She's going to come out the other side and we are going to enjoy long walks together {which we never could before} and I'm going to tell her how much she scared the shiz out of us and how many people are blown away and inspired by her strength and resilience . . . about how LOVED she is.

And how one day, I just knew it was going to be okay, so I started blogging about seemingly insignificant things, because life is hard, and darling little distractions are okay.

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Pretty little post to follow.

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